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Are You a Visionary Business Professional Looking to Gain More Authority Within Your Industry and Grow Your Business to Six Figures in Eighteen Months?

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Attention, ambitious business professionals! Are you ready to take your career and company to unprecedented heights? Imagine gaining the authority and respect you deserve within your industry, breaking free from the never-ending cycle of trading time for money, and unlocking exponential growth for your business. Now, you have the opportunity to achieve all of this and more with our FREE book: 7 Reasons To Write A Book. This Amazon #1 bestselling book is the foundation to help you start. It's been written with feedback from hundreds of professionals over many years and gives you the reasons why a book should be a priority in your professional life.

If used the right way!

Not only is a book the #1 way to build your authority, but it can start, build, or grow your business exponentially once you know how.

This book gives you the top seven reasons!

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Here’s A Sneak Peek At What's Inside

  • Establish Unquestionable Authority: Learn proven strategies to position yourself as a respected thought leader within your industry. Harness the secrets that top influencers use to build their reputation and gain the trust of clients, partners, and competitors alike.
  • Overcome the Time-for-Money Trap: Break free from the limitations of trading time for money. Our workbook provides invaluable insights and practical techniques to leverage your expertise, creating scalable systems and revenue streams that work for you, even while you sleep.
  • ​Exponential Company Growth: Unlock the keys to explosive business growth. Our carefully curated guide reveals insider tips, growth hacks, and real-world examples that will propel your company forward. Say goodbye to stagnant revenue and hello to skyrocketing success.
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Reviewed in the United Kingdom on IO February 2021: I have been thinking about writing a book for a long time, but whenever I want to begin, I have no idea where to start. After reading this excellent book and doing some research on the Author, I am now in a perfect position to start writing with a structure that is so easy to follow I can't go wrong. It's a short read with no fluff, just brilliant reasons. I should have done this a long time ago and had loads of information about how to set out my chapters and titles. Thank you, Kevin, for giving me the kickstart I very much needed. Fully recommend this book if you want inspiration and guidance on how to write a book.

Alison Jones

Bestselling Author

Reviewed in the United Kingdom on April 5th 2022: Just a short read but certainly packs a punch. Aimed particularly at those in business, it gives you a reason (or 7 in this case) to get to work on writing. The bit after writing... well, Kevin has a plan for that too. Read it, and he'll tell you the next steps

Andrew Harris

CEO at Chubby Budha Productions

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